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Real weddings with our real couples. Explore our albums for a taste of what our team can do!

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10.21.2023 Paden + Phen 65.jpg


Paden & Phen 

An Opulent Garden and Gathered Wedding

This Carolina Country Club Wedding, planned and designed by A Southern Soiree, showcases our passion for crafting breathtaking installations. From the grand entrance pieces that set the tone for the celebration, to the enchanting hallway reminiscent of a verdant forest coming to life, every detail was thoughtfully curated. Cascading greenery, elegantly suspended above the dance floor, transformed the space into a magical oasis. This wedding is a testament to the Once Gathered Team's dedication to turning dreams into reality, infusing the classic elegance of a green and white wedding with a whimsical, fairytale twist

Planning + Design : A Southern Soiree

Photographer : Carrie Coleman Photography

Reception Venue : Carolina Country Club

Ceremony Venue : Saint Mary's

10.14.2023 Huda + Jeff 118.jpg


Huda & Jeff

Garden Inspired Moroccan Wedding at The Bradford

This wedding planned and designed by Anthem House remains etched in our memories forever! A captivating color palette of coral, pinks, blushes, peaches, whites, and fun pops of blue breathed new life into the Fall season. The Stunning custom-made arch, hanging floral bursts, ombre inspired tent entrance and running composites and candles incorporated beautiful nods to the bride's Moroccan heritage.

Planning + Design: Anthem House

Photographer: Jordan Maunder Photography 

Ceremony & Reception Venue:The Bradford

5.6.2023 Ella + Nihaal 56.jpg


Ella & Nihaal

Flowers and Mountain Air 

This Spring wedding planned and designed by Harmony Weddings was filled to the brim with bursts of color and dancing wildflowers. South Asian weddings are a joyous celebration of tradition and color, and Ella's journey was no exception. At our design studio, we embarked on a delightful exploration, tailoring every detail. Embracing Ella's love for nature, we adorned the venue with an array of potted plants and wildflowers, sourced locally from farmers who share our passion for sustainability and community support. Each bloom, meticulously selected for its significance and beauty, added a touch of natural elegance to the festivities, weaving together tradition and innovation in perfect harmony.

Planning + Design: Harmony Weddings & Events

Photographer : Mina Von Feilitzsch Photography

Ceremony & Reception Venue : The Ridge

7.22.2023 Johanna + Franz 30.jpg


Johanna & Franz

Elegant Pastels at The Colonial Inn 

This garden style beauty perfectly encapsulates Jenn's signature 'garden + gathered' style. Collaborating closely with the Kast & Co. team, we incorporated bursts of elevated pieces, a stunning ceremony meadow and refined tabletop vignettes.  We are always looking for fun takes on a ceremony crescent meadow, and we loved the unexpected pastel symphony for this summer affair.  

Planning + Design: Kast Events & Company

Photographer: Ally & Bobby Photography

Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Colonial Inn

3.10.2023 Amelia + Bill 26.jpg


Amelia & Bill

Poetry in Fall 

This wedding orchestrated by the masterful hands of Vive L'Event, is a perfect mix of eclectic color and classic elegance. From the organically designed compotes to the majestic tent installations adorned with the hues of autumn leaves, the scene is set for an unforgettable celebration. The eclectic mix of colors, the graceful orchids, and the humble mums blend harmoniously, painting a picture of unity and elegance. This wedding is our most chosen event for Fall Wedding inspiration and serves as a staple we return to again + again!

Planning + Design : Viva L'Event

Photographer: Jamie Vinson 

Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Merrimon-Wynne House

7_30_22 Rebekah and Jack 54.jpg


Beck & Jack

Florals that are just as hot as summer! 

This wedding at The Umstead dazzled with bright peachy toned colors, playful accents, and vibrant florals. Guided by A Southern Soiree's creative vision, every detail, from the fun escort card display to the captivating hanging installation above the dance floor, contributed to a celebration brimming with summertime happiness. 

Planning + Design: A Southern Soiree

Photographer: Perry Vaile Photography 

Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Umstead Hotel & Spa

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